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Updated: 5 分鐘 13 秒前

After wreaking havoc in Africa, crop-destroying worm reaches Asia

5 分鐘 13 秒 ago
After leaving a trail of ruined crops in Africa and the Americas, an invasive worm has been found in India, prompting concern that it could have a devastating effect on the country's agriculture.

Hong Kong independence talk goes ahead amid protests

5 分鐘 13 秒 ago
A hotly anticipated speech by a pro-Hong Kong independence activist went ahead Tuesday at the city's Foreign Correspondents' Club, amid government pressure and protests by pro-China groups.

Former political rising star in South Korea acquitted of sexual assault

5 分鐘 13 秒 ago
A former South Korean governor and one-time presidential contender has been acquitted of sexual assault by coercion in one of the highest profile cases to emerge from the MeToo movement in South Korea.

Lombok earthquake death toll surges above 400

5 分鐘 13 秒 ago
The death toll from the 6.9-magnitude earthquake that hit the Indonesian island of Lombok more than a week ago has surged to 436, authorities said Monday.

Taipei hospital fire leaves 9 dead, 15 injured

5 分鐘 13 秒 ago
Fire ripped through a hospital in Taiwan Monday, killing at least nine people and injuring more than dozen, authorities said.

North and South Korean leaders to meet in Pyongyang in September

5 分鐘 13 秒 ago
The leaders of North and South Korea will hold a second summit in Pyongyang in September, according to the South Korean Unification Ministry.

Afghan forces confront Taliban militants in Ghazni days after brazen attack

5 分鐘 13 秒 ago
Afghan security forces are engaged in intense fighting with Taliban militants in Ghazni, three days after the start of an offensive on the strategic city that has so far killed more than 150 people, according to a local member of parliament.

'Unprecedented' floods in Indian tourist hotspot kill dozens; 40,000 evacuated

5 分鐘 13 秒 ago
Kerala floods: Dozens of people have died, and tens of thousands more evacuated, after flash flooding in a tourist hotspot in southern India over the weekend.

Indonesia earthquake death toll rises to 387 as families mourn

5 分鐘 13 秒 ago
The earthquake on the Indonesian island of Lombok killed 387 people, authorities said Saturday, increasing the death toll from the temblor seven days ago.

Jiang Zemin Fast Facts

5 分鐘 13 秒 ago
Read CNN's Jiang Zemin Fast Facts and learn more about the former president of China.

Renowned Bangladeshi photographer says he was tortured in jail

5 分鐘 13 秒 ago
Massive protests in Bangladesh have given way to a burgeoning social media campaign to free imprisoned critics of the government who are allegedly being tortured -- including Shahidul Alam, one of the country's most famous photographers and social activists.

Taliban attacks strategic Afghan city of Ghazni

5 分鐘 13 秒 ago
The Taliban launched a brazen attack on the strategic Afghan city of Ghazni early Friday, seizing key buildings and trading fire with security forces.

Myanmar Fast Facts

5 分鐘 13 秒 ago
View CNN's Fast Facts on Myanmar, and learn more about the country in southeast Asia formerly known as Burma.

Thai former 'jet set monk' Wiraphon Sukphon given 114-year sentence

5 分鐘 13 秒 ago
A former Thai monk, known as the "jet set monk" for his lavish lifestyle, has been convicted of crimes carrying a total prison sentence of 114 years, his lawyer told CNN.

Indonesian island of Lombok hit by another quake

5 分鐘 13 秒 ago
Four days after a massive earthquake killed hundreds on the Indonesian island of Lombok, a 5.9 magnitude tremor hit the island, sending frightened residents out into the streets.

Thai soccer team's stateless boys granted citizenship

5 分鐘 13 秒 ago
Three boys from the Wild Boar soccer team and their coach, who were rescued from deep within a flooded cave in Thailand last month, have been granted Thai citizenship.

Crew of US Navy ship seized by North Korea sues Pyongyang

5 分鐘 13 秒 ago
Survivors of the USS Pueblo are suing North Korea, 50 years after the American spy ship was seized off the Korean Peninsula and its crew held hostage and tortured for 11 months.

Indonesia quake: Survivors wait for aid as families mourn 347 killed

5 分鐘 13 秒 ago
A young mother who had to flee with her newborn child is one of thousands of survivors from Sunday's deadly earthquake on the Indonesian island of Lombok desperately waiting for aid to trickle through.

Taiwan mocks Beijing over new Winnie the Pooh film

5 分鐘 13 秒 ago
Taiwan's government has mocked Beijing over rumors a new film featuring Winnie the Pooh has been banned in mainland China, due to comparisons between the yellow bear and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

How the seizure of a US spy ship by North Korea nearly sparked nuclear war

二, 08/14/2018 - 20:30
North Korea seized the USS Pueblo 50 years ago on January 23, holding 84 Americans hostage for months while negotiations went on at the DMZ and the peninsula nearly plunged back into war.